idroid:con - Bluetooth Android controller


    The first Bluetooth Controller for Android and iOS devices that doesn‘t
    require an App with 5 different operation modes

    • Wireless Bluetooth Controller
    • 4 operation modes for Android: Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse/Keyboard and Joystick for a maximum of compatibility with Android games
    • 2 operation modes for iOS: iCade and Keyboard
    • Turbo fire
    • 2 analog thumbsticks
    • Digital directional pad
    • 6 digital buttons
    • 2 analog triggers
    • Ergonomic design for relaxed gaming
    • rechargeable Li-Ion battery + USB charging cable (2m)

    The essential accessory for all Android and iOS gamers.

    Product description

    World’s only Bluetooth controller for Android and iOS™ platforms

    The snakebyte idroid:con enables a totally new gaming experience on smartphones or tablets like the Samsung Galaxy™ series. For the first time, games can be played on your tablet or smartphone the way they were initially designed – thanks to the idroid:con. The idroid:con works on any Android™-based device with system software 3.2 and up, without the need of an extra App. The snakebyte idroid:con also supports Apple devices like iPhone™ and iPad™, if they support the iCADE mode.

    Playing games the way they were designed

    Most games at the Google Play Store as well as emulators use the analog sticks and action buttons that are emulated on the touchscreen. They do not offer haptic feedback and many times lead to inaccurate input in the heat of the game. With the idroid:con action games like first-person shooters or Beat ‘Em Ups can now be played the way they were designed in the first place again: With analog sticks and real buttons.

    The snakebyte idroid:con features an ergonomic design for relaxed game play, two analog thumsticks, a digital gamepad, six digital buttons as well as two analog L and R triggers for perfect game control. The integrated turbo function rounds off the perfect gaming experience.

    The wireless Bluetooth controller also features a Li-Ion rechargeable battery which can be charged directly via the attached USB cord.

    Perfect control with five different function modes

    The idroid:con however is not just a game controller. All Google Play Store games and Apps can be controlled with the idroid:con with five different, switchable function modes.

    idroid:con supports the following functions:

    • Controller function (Android™ 3.2 and up)
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse / Keyboard
    • iCADE (tabletop arcade machine for iPAD™, with individual enter mode)

    Android functions in detail

    Compared to common game controllers for Android™ platforms the snakebyte idroid:con does not need a separately installed App to communicate with the tablet or smartphone. This means:  Connect to your Android™ device via Bluetooth, start the game and you are ready to play – just like with your consoles or handhelds. Many games for Android™-based devices already support game controllers and enable comfortable gaming without a suboptimal controller emulator on your touchscreen.

    Aside from the controller function the snakebyte idroid:con offers three more function modes: mouse, keyboard and keyboard/mouse. This way your controller is able to realize a slew of input possibilities and seamlessly adjusts to the control pattern of the game you are playing.

    iOS™ functions in detail

    In iOS™ the snakebyte idroid:con supports the iCADE mode. This means that all games that use the iCADE mode can be played with the snakebyte idroid:con. The controller also features the keyboard mode via iOS™.

    Compatible games

    Important note regarding snakebyte idroid:con’s game compatibility

    With the launch of the idroid:con the world’s first app-free Android controller with five operating modes has been released. Due to multiple support enquiries we would like to clarify a few common misunderstandings regarding game compatibility.

    In order to be able to play games with the idroid:con the respective games need to support physical input devices according to the HID standard (Human Interface Device). Not all the Goole Play Store’s games support HID natively. Unfortunately snakebyte’s influence is limited.

    We’re currently in negotiations with game developers in order to support and implement our controller. There already are compatible games, but we’d like to emphasise that not ALL Android games can be used with the idroid:con and the majority of those that can be used require the gamer to make the required settings in the game (button mapping etc.). Due to Android’s non-standardised nature every game developer is free to implement control schemes entirely at his will but is not obliged to due so as he would be on a closed platform (e.g. PlayStation).

    The following games have been tested to be compatible with the idroid:con. This list is incomplete and will grow continuously. Please keep in mind, that due to many different devices and android versions, we can not guarantee that the games work on your device. We did our best to test them on several different devices.

    Games for Android

    Emulators for Android

    idroid:con supports all emulators for Android. We offer a range of tutorial videos on how to set up your idroid:con's controls for some of the most popular emulators on Android. You can find the links to our tutorial videos in the list below.

    Games for iOS

    idroid:con can be used with all iOS games that are compatible with iCade. A list with all games can be found here on the iCade website.

    Important: Verify that your iOS device uses the English U.S./QWERTY Hardware Keyboard Layout, otherwise iCade mode won't work correctly.


    Games Aktuell:

    “The rubberized body of the controller has a nice feel to it. The analogue sticks feel like the ones on the DualShock 3. Directional pad as well as action buttons features great pressure points.”

    “Like the name suggests, the snakebyte idroid:con is compatible with iOS and Android devices.”

    „Conclusion: If you are having trouble with the simulated touchscreen analogue sticks, the idroid:con is a great alternative.“

    Rating: “good”, 5 out of 6 stars
    Games Aktuell, 10/2012, pg. 92

    Video reviews

    Developer contact

    Become an idroid:con developer

    With the idroid:con snakebyte enables games on tablets and smartphones to be played with a classic bluetooth game controller. The idroid:con is natively supported from Android 3.2 on and does not require a separate app to interact with games and applications. The implementation of a idroid:con support into games and applications is easy to do for Android developers and expands your potential client base enormously.

    You are interested to support the idroid:con in your Android games? Contact us, we assist developers in implementing the idroid:con in their game development.

    Video FAQ

    In this video we'll show you how to connect the idroid:con with your Android device, how to use it in games and how to charge your controller.

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    You can download the manual for snakebyte idroid:con here.