• Protects front and backscreen from scratches and damage
    • Virtually invisible, 99% crystal clear
    • Excellent value for money
    • Extremely robust

    Product description

    Perfect snakebyte accessories for PS Vita

    If you want to protect your precious PS Vita you will need accessories you can rely on. When buying screen protectors, chargers as well as carrying cases, quality is important. snakebyte products meet highest quality standards. The snakebyte PS Vita accessories offer everything a gamers‘ heart might desire: from universal charging solutions to perfect protection of device and games – snakebyte has it all.

    The snakebyte PS Vita starter:pack offers the perfect accessories to make sure your PS Vita is protected. The set consists of a case, a protective case for your games, a screen protector and an adjustable wrist strap. With these accessories your PS Vita is well prepared for daily wear and tear.

    Great protection for on-the-go


    The snakebyte view:box ensures that nothing happens to your precious handheld while on the go. The robust carrying case made out of EVA opens and closes easily and offers enough room to store not only the device and games, but also accessories. Perfectly protected from dirt, dust and drops. Additionally, the view:box comes with a foldable stand, so you can set up your Vita inside the carrying case to fully enjoy watching movies with your handheld, for example.

    8:1 Game Case

    In order to protect not only the device, the 8-in-1 case offers enough room to store up to 8 games. The 8-in-1 case opens and closes easily, keeps the game case tidy and protects your games from dirt and damage.

    shield Screen Protector

    The screen protector protects the sensitive PS Vita OLED screen from dust, dirt and scratches. Attaching the bubble-free screen protector is super easy and can be removed just as easily without leaving any residue behind.  

    Fully charged batteries at all times


    With the auto:ac car charger the batteries of your PS Vita will be fully charged at all times and ready to go. The PS Vita can be conveniently charged through the cigarette lighter in your car. The USB cable that is also part of the pack enables charging of the PS Vita with any device with a USB port, like PCs.


    The snakebyte global:ac adaptor is the perfect charger for the PS Vita. Thanks to its 3-foot-cable the Vita can be charged on any USB device, for example a PC. The charger also includes four different travel adaptors so you can use your charger anywhere in Europe, Asia and the US.